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The Modern Dentistry Center is a modern specialist clinic with a wide range of services. We make every effort to ensure that the visit to the clinic takes place in a comfortable and safe environment. The treatment process, thanks to professional doctors and prestigious equipment, places the clinic in a high position.

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Wishing to provide our patients with the highest standard of services provided, our entire team participates in many innovative trainings. We know very well that in order to turn our visions into excellence, we need a huge commitment to research and development. The fundamental elements of the development of our clinic are unrivaled scientific knowledge and a thorough understanding of the course of clinical work.

Frequently asked questions

Will it hurt?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally - each patient has a different sensitivity to pain and comes to the office with different problems. However, we can promise that thanks to the access to many different methods of anesthesia, we will do everything in our power to avoid unpleasant sensations for the patient.

Why do my gums bleed while brushing?

There are many factors that can cause this condition, ranging from brushing too much and flossing too much to gum and periodontitis. We recommend making an appointment - your doctor will certainly help you find and eliminate the cause of the bleeding.

Can teeth whitening be harmful?

Tak, zwłaszcza, jeśli przeprowadzane jest ono w domu przy użyciu znalezionych w internecie cudownych przepisów na zdrowe, białe zęby. Jeśli jednak jest ono wykonywane profesjonalnie w gabinecie dentystycznym, ryzyko uszkodzenia zębów i przyzębia drastycznie spada, dlatego warto pozwolić specjalistom zadbać o swój uśmiech.

Do you have to fix crooked teeth with braces?

There are many methods of eliminating bite imperfections. Significant defects in the dentition require long-term, specialized treatment, but a slightly displaced incisor with an unsightly shape is often enough to apply a veneer to correct its appearance. The doctor will certainly suggest the best option for the patient.

Why take care of milk teeth if they fall out anyway?

Milk teeth fall out when permanent teeth begin to erupt just below them. Bacteria growing in neglected milk teeth easily infect their permanent counterparts, causing rapid destruction of permanent teeth. That is why it is worth visiting the dentist with your child as early as possible to find out exactly how to care for your baby's teeth.

How often to come for control visits?

The doctor will decide best about it. For an adult who cares for oral hygiene, one visit per year is enough, and a child with advanced caries should be checked every three months. We recommend that you follow the doctor's recommendations, who will best assess when his patient should return to him.

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