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Dental prosthetics

Prosthetics is a field offering a wide range of procedures, among which doctors, in consultation with patients, select solutions that most effectively combat the individual problems of the patient. Prosthetic procedures enable the recreation of physiological occlusal conditions by supplementing the teeth lost by the patient or by correcting the shape of the natural dentition. They restore the ability to effectively chew food or correct articulation, while equipping the patient with an aesthetically pleasing smile.

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The method of supplementing missing teeth is adjusted to the patient’s needs. The prosthetic restorations correcting the shape of the patient’s teeth include veneers, mainly used to improve the aesthetic value of the teeth, and prosthetic crowns, strengthening and protecting the teeth and imitating their natural appearance. In the case of teeth with large cavities, inlays or onlays work well, and in the case of tooth loss, depending on the clinical situation, bridges and various types of dentures can be used.

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