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It is a basic field of dentistry that deals with the treatment of teeth damaged by various pathological processes, the most common of which is caries. Conservative dentistry procedures allow you to remove the damaged fragments of the tooth and rebuild them so that the tooth can effectively perform its function in the bite for a long time, and at the same time look natural and with appropriate prophylaxis, it does not become subject to caries processes again. Thanks to thorough medical interviews with patients and the use of magnifying devices, the dentist will easily see even the smallest foci of caries, remove them and thanks to the huge variety of materials used, restore the appearance of a patient to the satisfaction of the patient.

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A dentist will certainly deal with any cavities in our teeth, but he will only do it when we see him! Thanks to the vast knowledge, the dentist is able to detect disturbing changes in the oral cavity much earlier than the patient himself can notice them, so it is important to appear regularly – depending on the patient’s needs and doctor’s recommendations, once every few months or once a year – at follow-up visits, during which the dentist will perform a dental check-up, carefully examining the patient’s oral cavity and, if necessary, taking a radiograph to be able to see any abnormalities.

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