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At our clinic, we offer to perform implant surgery. This is currently one of the most effective methods, allowing permanent replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants are used for both single and multiple missing teeth. The implant itself is a kind of foundation for an artificial tooth, or prosthetic crown. At our clinic, we perform implant procedures under local anesthesia, making them comfortable and, most importantly, painless.

Dental implantology - what is worth knowing about it?

Dental implants in Łódź are an effective method of replacing missing teeth. It translates positively into the aesthetics of the smile and the mental health of the patient, improving his well-being. In our clinic you can perform a safe and effective implant procedure, receiving a guarantee of quality service at the highest level.

Immediate implantation

Permanent dental implants

Implants in Łódź are durable and strong replacements for natural tooth roots. Made of durable plastic, the foundation replaces a lost or removed natural tooth root and allows a new crown to be placed. With this method, a dentist in Łódź can restore the durability and aesthetics of the entire dentition. The effect of the implant procedure, is to improve the appearance of the smile and restore the patient’s self-confidence. Dental implants are also a guarantee of comfort when eating or speaking.

Implantology in Łódź fully restores the function and natural appearance of teeth. Thus, it is a good alternative to bridges, as it does not require greater interference with healthy teeth and allows the entire dental arch to be permanently rebuilt. Our dental clinic offers implant procedures, which take place in several stages.

What is dental implantology?

It’s worth knowing that implantology, which is becoming increasingly popular in Lodz, is a procedure for implanting a special dental implant that replaces the root of a tooth. This one is screwed into the jawbone or jawbone, and the porcelain cover attached to it provides a full reconstruction of the damaged dentition.

What are the benefits of dental implant surgery in Łódź?

Why should you bet on implants in Łódź, which you will realize at our clinic?

  • Full restoration of the dentition and positive impact on the mandible.
  • Natural appearance and strength that allows you to eat food safely.
  • No pain during the implementation of the procedure (effective and safe anesthesia at the same time).
  • Full safety during the diagnosis, performance of the service and after the service.

Implant procedure

During the procedure, the surgeon exposes the bone and then makes an opening to insert the implant structure – the tooth.  The initial examination, the procedure itself and post-procedure checks are conducted using CT scans to make the whole process accurate and precise. Before the procedure, the patient is asked to undergo a series of tests to help qualify him for the implant procedure.

What are the contraindications to implant surgery?

Dental implants are an effective solution for many patients, but there are several contraindications that may make it difficult or impossible to use them. One of the contraindications for implant surgery in Łódź will be age. Young patients will not be good patients, as they do not yet have well-developed jawbones. Dental implants could interfere with natural bone development. Another contraindication will be oral health. Patients struggling with tooth decay or periodontal disease should first treat these problems before considering an implant. Diseases such as uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, heart disease or blood clotting disorders may also contraindicate such a procedure.
Therefore, before placing dental implants at our dental clinic, your dentist Lodz will assess whether this type of treatment will be suitable for you.

Our implants in Łódź are the best way to really single tooth or rebuild teeth in a wider range. We have a lot of experience and knowledge in this field.
We perform advanced implantology in Łódź, offering a full diagnosis of the patient, preparation for the procedure, implementation of the service and aftercare.

To evaluate the possibility of implants, please visit our clinic.


Implantology consultation (in-house CT scan of the jaw)

200 PLN

Implantological consultation + Maxillofacial tomography

400 PLN

Implant placement

3500 PLN

Crown on the implant

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