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Price list

We would like to kindly inform you that the prices of services given below are given in PLN, and the price list is for information purposes only and should not be understood in the category of the offer.

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Price list


Medical consultation

100-150 PLN

Treatment plan

100-150 PLN

Light-cured filling

200-350 PLN

350-450 PLN

Multi-surface filling


30 PLN

Dental aesthetic

Changing the shape of the tooth

150-400 PLN

Removal of white spots by dentin infiltration - DMG ICON (* price per tooth)

200 PLN *

BEYOND teeth whitening

550 PLN

BEYOND teeth whitening + Opalescence whitening tray

1100 PLN

Children's dentistry

Dental examination, consultation

120 PLN

Permanent tooth filling

200-250 PLN

Varnishing (1 arch)

80 PLN

Fluoridation (1 arch)

80 PLN

Sealing / extended sealing (1 arch)

100 PLN

Lapisetting (cost of a single visit)

100 PLN

Scaling (1 arch)

50 PLN

Infiltration / conduction anesthesia

10 PLN

Extraction of a loose milk tooth

150 PLN

Extraction of a deciduous tooth

Microscopic endodontics

Root canal treatment under the microscope - 1 canal

500-600 PLN

Repeat root canal treatment under the microscope - 1 canal

150 PLN

Removal of a broken tool from the canal

400-600 PLN


Periodontal consultation

100 PLN

Consultation with periodontal measurements and treatment plan

Subgingival scaling with root surface smoothing - 1 tooth

150 PLN

Subgingival scaling with root surface smoothing - 1 quadrant

Flap treatment

from 700 PLN

250 PLN

150 PLN

Palatal plate

300 PLN

Prevention and hygiene

Hygienic package (scaling + sandblasting + polishing + fluoridation)

320 PLN

Scaling (tartar removal)

100 PLN

Sandblasting (removal of plaque deposits)

Foam fluoridation

160 PLN


Intraoral X-ray

40 PLN

X-ray pantomographic

100 PLN


120 PLN

X-ray pantomographic + cephalometry

190 PLN

3D computed tomography

350 PLN



Treatment of mandibular dysfunction

Functional examination of the temporomandibular joints and muscles

Flexible relaxation / occlusive splint (silicone)

200 PLN

Acrylic relaxation / occlusive splint (long duration)

700 PLN


Consultation with a prosthetist

100 PLN

Impressions + orientation models

100 PLN

Denture repair

150 PLN - 1 point

Denture relining

350 PLN

Temporary denture (Etruscan) with impressions (up to two teeth)

450 PLN

Temporary immediate denture

Partial sagging denture

1200 PLN

Skeletal prosthesis

2000 PLN

Flexible denture

450-550 PLN

Individual spoon for complete sunken denture

Precision element for frame denture

1400 PLN

Crown-root inlay

Reconstruction on fiberglass

700 PLN

Inlay / onlay sculpture (composite edition)

Inlay/onlay pełnoceramiczny

1100 PLN

Porcelain crown on a zirconium foundation

1500 PLN

1400 PLN

1500 PLN

All-ceramic crown

500 PLN

Temporary composite crown made in a prosthetic laboratory

All-ceramic veneer

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