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Dental surgery

Tooth extraction is the last resort, so our multi-specialist team will assess the condition of the teeth and plan a treatment plan that is most beneficial for the patient’s health while maintaining the highest level of aesthetics. Each surgical intervention takes place under anesthesia with the use of various types of anesthetic agents, appropriately selected for the patient. Feeling fear or stress before the procedure is completely normal, to prevent this and help the patient feel safe, we recommend premedication – laughing gas (nitrous oxide) before the procedure. In such conditions, treatment becomes comfortable and painless.

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The most common treatments are:

  • Extractions (including impacted and non-erupted teeth)
  • Partial tooth extraction
  • Root apex resections
  • Exposing teeth partially or completely retained in the dental arch
  • Preparation of the oral cavity for prosthetic treatment – undercutting the frenulum
  • Cutting out lesions within the oral cavity and sending them for histopathological examination
  • hemisections

and a number of other treatments in the field of dental and maxillofacial surgery.

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