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Aesthetic dentistry

Who among us would not like to be able to boast a snow-white smile and symmetrical, shapely teeth? Aesthetic dentistry ensures that the patient’s teeth come as close as possible to their dream ideal and helps to maintain the desired treatment effect for a long time. This dynamically developing field of dentistry will help to get rid of discoloration and deposits, lighten the color of the tooth and change its shape and arrangement, allowing for example to get rid of diastia – gaps between adjacent teeth.

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Treatments in the field of aesthetic dentistry

There are many different procedures that, depending on the needs of the patient, help him achieve the smile of his dreams:

  • Removal of discoloration, plaque and plaque is achieved by scaling, sandblasting and polishing the teeth;
  • Brightening the tooth color is possible thanks to different types of whitening, from treatments with the use of special trays to procedures with the use of UV lamps;
  • Teeth whose shape does not suit the patient can be repaired with new aesthetic fillings and veneers.

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