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X-ray of teeth in Łódź

In order for a dentist to begin treating your teeth, he or she must assess their condition. A dental examination is not enough – the doctor must have an X-ray of the teeth. Often, a pantomographic photo is also necessary. You can get X-rays in Łódź at our Center for Modern Dentistry.

X-ray of teeth Łódź - short and painless

X-ray is nothing more than a dental x-ray Łódź. It is a type of diagnostic imaging test that allows you to visualize the condition of teeth and their structure. X-ray is helpful in determining the number of canals in a given tooth. X-rays allow our doctors to diagnose various periodontal diseases and inflammatory conditions that can cause pain and discomfort.

The possibilities of today’s dentistry are amazing. Dental x-rays in Łódź are performed extremely quickly and, most importantly, painlessly. Due to the X-rays used during it, we are 100% careful so that our patients feel completely safe. To this end, we recommend, for the examination we recommend removing all metal elements located within the face. Based on the X-ray of the teeth – Łódź, the specialist takes further steps to determine the best possible method of treatment, tailored to the case.

Tooth X-ray in Łódź - types of X-rays performed

X-ray of teeth allows you to visualize the condition of teeth and their structure. Today, doctors use a variety of images. Examples of x-rays include:

  • spot X-ray of the tooth. The Center for Modern Dentistry is the place where you can get a point x-ray of a tooth in Łódź. Such x-ray of the tooth is required for root canal treatment, for example,
  • X-ray of the temporomandibular joint – it is performed when diagnosis of the temporomandibular joints is necessary,
  • Wing-bite x-ray – performed in the diagnosis of early carious lesions and inflammatory lesions of the marginal periodontium,
  • Sinus x-ray – required when evaluating inflammation,
  • Pantomographic x-ray.

Offer pantomographic (panoramic) images of teeth in Łódź

In our Center of Modern Dentistry we perform pantomographic photos – Łódź. A panoramic photo of teeth is distinguished by the fact that not only teeth, but also tissues and bones are visible on it.

Most often, a pantomographic photo is necessary when treatment plans include:

  • orthodontic treatment,
  • tooth extraction,
  • diagnosis of dental or periodontal diseases,
  • assessment of the progression of bone atrophy,
  • implant treatment.

We also perform panoramic dental X-ray in Łódź after facial trauma – it is helpful in assessing its consequences.

High quality dental x-ray images in Łódź

Radiological diagnostics – like other branches of medicine – is being systematically developed. This is not without influence on the quality of imaging. Current dental x-rays in Łódź are of high quality and make it easier for the specialist to develop a treatment plan.

Diagnostic radiological examinations in dentistry (i.e. dental X-rays) are obtained using X-rays (X-rays). The resulting image shows a clear picture of the mouth, teeth and all tissues within them. The medical staff at our Center for Modern Dentistry takes the highest level of care so that dental x-rays Łódź show all changes that require diagnosis and treatment.

Safe x-ray - dental x-ray in Łódź

Sometimes dental x-rays raise doubts among patients – they wonder if this examination is harmful. During the x-ray, all safety precautions are maintained so that it does not have a negative impact on the patient’s body.

Although X-rays are often associated with unpleasant associations, there is really no need to fear them! The dose and duration of exposure to radiation vary depending on the X-ray being taken, but in no case are they associated with danger. Before taking an X-ray, we make sure that there are no contraindications. To minimize exposure to x-rays, patients wear a lead apron so that only the structures we want to image are x-rayed. The time of contact with the radiation beam when taking multiple images does not exceed a second, so exposure to X-rays is really negligible.

Pantomography Łódź - panoramic diagnosis of periodontal structures

Pantomographic examination is one of the most frequently performed diagnostic procedures today when it comes to diagnostic imaging. Because it uses low doses of ionizing radiation, a referral is necessary for the examination. At our clinic, pantomography is performed with the highest safety standards. We use only certified safeguards and shielding to ensure maximum comfort for our patients. A pantomogram allows us to obtain an accurate image of the teeth, facial bones and other jaw structures. This allows us to see any abnormalities in their structure.

In addition to extraction procedures and implant procedures, a pantomogram allows us to diagnose and treat such lesions as:

  • injuries to the jaw, such as mandibular fractures;
  • periodontal diseases;
  • dental caries;
  • salivary stones.

Patients who require a diagnostic pantomogram can count on the professional support of our dentists. The examination is completely painless and does not affect the performance of daily activities.

Pricing of dental x-rays in Łódź

Tooth x-ray is not an expensive examination – in our dental clinic in Łódź prices start from 40 PLN.

Do you want to take care of your smile? Come to our Center for Modern Dentistry. We have modern equipment and offer professional dental care.

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Intraoral X-ray

40 PLN

Pantomographic X-ray

100 PLN

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