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The most modern equipment significantly improves the standards of dental treatment. We are well aware of this, so we constantly invest in advanced technologies. Our dental clinic offers full equipment necessary for on-site diagnosis and treatment. It is equipped with independent digital X-ray equipment, which allows us to reduce the number of necessary visits and efficiently organize the entire treatment process. We strive to provide the utmost comfort, convenience and safety for our patients.

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Our center offers devices such as:


Pantomograph – Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic

The pantomograph meets all your maxillofacial imaging needs with three types of 3D imaging, as well as panoramic and wing-bite imaging.


X-ray machines from Planmeca

X-ray machines used at each dental unit allow for patient convenience by eliminating unnecessary getting up from the chair to take pictures in another room.


Dental Unites by Planmeca

Planmeca dental units have been developed with five basic aspects in mind: design, comfort, cleanliness, intelligent solutions and progress. Every detail of a Planmeca unit is a reflection of these five aspects.


Electrosurgical device lancetron Surtron 200 – electrocoagulator.

SURTRON surgical diathermy is an electrosurgical radiofrequency device designed for procedures in treatment and operating rooms. It is used for, among other things, excision of mucosal lesions, undercutting of the frenulum or exposure of a tooth.


Centrifuge prf

Provides new possibilities for obtaining two fractions of platelet-rich fibrin – A-PRF and the newly discovered I-PRF fraction.
In dental surgery, platelet-rich fibrin is used to fill bone defects and alveoli after an extraction. It is also used in augmentation and guided bone regeneration performed in preparation for implant placement.


Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico Dental Microscope

The new highest standard
OPMI PICO is a compact microscope that optimally fits the workflow of a typical practice. It features an elegant form that has been honored with a Red Dot award for its high quality design and very easy-to-use functions.
A good picture can replace a thousand words. Explain your diagnosis, treatment and results to the patient to ensure a thorough understanding of the benefits of the procedure. By explaining the steps step-by-step, you can increase the level of trust between doctor and patient – “seeing is believing.”


DW.GOLD RECIPROC endodontic micromotor

is the only endodontic micromotor with an integrated canal apex locator in both reciprocating and continuous rotary motion modes.



Autoclave is the colloquial name for a pressure-steam sterilizer. The sterilizing agent is steam at 121 or 134 °C, which destroys the proteins of all microorganisms and completely eliminates them. This is because there is a higher pressure in the autoclave – 1.1 or 2.1 bar, just like in a pressure cooker.



The innovative MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution thermal disinfectors provide quality instrument decontamination for dental and medical practices. With machine washing and disinfection, not only is better protection of patients and practice staff ensured, but also higher labor and time savings are achieved in instrument decontamination.


Air-Flow Handy 3.0 EMS Classic Sandblaster

Sandblaster Air-Flow Handy 3.0 , is a device for prophylaxis, meeting the highest standards and requirements that should be met by a specialized and modern device, designed for professional teeth cleaning, across the entire spectrum of action.


ELEMENTS IC – liquid gutta-percha filling system

wireless device for obturation of root canals



Airozon® 14 ECO ozonators will enable the elimination of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungal spores or viruses on surfaces and in the air of the room.

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