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T-scan – computerized analysis of occlusion system

T-scan is a computerized analysis of occlusion system, and therefore a non-invasive and reliable method of analyzing the size and area of forces acting in places where opposite teeth contact each other in the bite, as well as the assessment of changes in these forces over time. T-scan makes it possible to detect any irregularities and eliminate them. Thanks to it, the dentist can detect overloads of the stomatognathic system (described in more detail in the tab on the treatment of mandibular disorders) and find the cause of tooth grinding or headaches.

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During the examination, the patient bites a thin plate with sensors, which sends information to the computer about the forces triggered when biting it – their size, type, location and intensity. A video is then created that shows in detail the formation of interdental contacts in the patient, which allows the doctor to analyze the process and find any abnormalities with undesirable effects in the patient’s mouth.

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