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The cephalometric image is a valuable aid, among others when planning orthodontic treatment or maxillofacial surgery procedures. It shows the skull in a lateral projection, showing such structures as the soft tissues of the face, hard palate and paranasal sinuses. From the patient’s perspective, its greatest advantages are painlessness and safety associated with the use of minimal doses of X-ray radiation allowing for high image quality. From the doctor’s point of view – the ability to look closely at the structures shown in the photo, facilitating effective treatment.

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How the photo was taken - is there anything to be afraid of?

Before the photo is taken, the patient’s head is fixed with special ear holders and a nose pad in a lateral position relative to the X-ray tube. The patient’s task is only to remain still for a few seconds while the photo is taken. The dose of radiation to which the patient is exposed poses no threat to his health and imaging diagnostics using cephalometry can be performed even in children; however, to minimize the patient’s exposure to radiation, cephalometric images and other X-ray images are taken only when there are important indications.

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